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Bridal Program at Zen Spa, Puerto Rico

Our TRADITIONS Wellness Center seeks to preserve the philosophy, traditional practices and holistic methods of distinct cultures. Through our healing hands we

hand over and pass on

the true benefits of these traditions.


Our Traditional Spa Therapies combine unique techniques with a caring holistic approach to nurture the body, mind and soul alongside to promoting a healthy lifestyle and overall relaxation.

Awake your senses in our TRADITIONS Wellness Center and experience unsurpassed solace and a wholesome wellbeing feeling.

These unique therapies are offered exclusively by the Wellness and Education Director of Zen Spa. All appointments must be pre-paid and booked in advance and based upon availability. Spa Therapies can be purchased in series of 6 and can be alternated with others of same price. For appointments @ TRADITIONS please contact us at 1.855.ZEN.SPAS