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Feel Relaxed More Than Once

For those in need of lots of pampering and relaxation for body, mind and soul!

Enjoy this Relaxing Day Spa in three different occasions!

Relax Ahh! ~ Aromatherapy Swedish Massage (55 min.)
Basic Face ~ Aromatic Deep-Pore Cleansing Facial
Hands Off ~ Deeply Caring Spa Manicure
Footprints ~ Deeply Caring Spa Pedicure
Warm Air ~ Sauna and Steam
Healthy Eats ~ Healthy Spa Lunch

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A superb Five Massage Therapy Sampler to enjoy each in different Spa Visits!

Relax Ahh! ~ Aromatic Swedish Massage (55 min.)
No More Knots ~ Deep Tissue Massage (55 min.)
Perfect Duo ~ Swedish and Shiatsu Massage (55 min.)
Soul and Toes ~ Foot Reflexology Massage (55 min.)
On the Rocks ~ Hot Stones Massage (55 min.)
Warm Air ~ Sauna and Steam

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